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Our farmstead is located near village Mirkėnai, in the Utena district. Turn to the right (form Kaunas  direction) in Antalgė village, located 6 kilometers from Utena district border near the Leliūnai village and 7 kilometres from Utena. After 3 kilometres, thanroad surface changes from asphalt to gravel surface road, you will see farmstead sign. Nice way by the hills and grasslands lead you to our country tourism farmstead.

Contact phone No: +370 688 41017, +370 613 09981 

The scheme of arrival:

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Our homestead situated near the beautiful lake Ilgis. It's quiet, very nice place with amazing surroundings of wild nature. There are 6 rivulets flowing into lake Ilgis. The biggest depth of the lake is 20,5 meters, area - about 0,45 km2. This lake is abundant in fish - good spoil for fisherman's in every time of the year.


An old Lithuanian proverb says, "Warmth won't break your bones". The saying could make quite a good slogan for a sauna advert. The Lithuanian bath is similar to sauna in architecture and bathing related customs, but has its national peculiarities too. The first records of the Lithuanian steam bath date back to the 13th century. Lithuanians especially enjoy contrasting water procedures: pouring cold water on themselves, bathing in the ice-hole and rolling in the snow in winter time. Good advice for those who are going to have the Lithuanian bath: get your team together – it will make a really enjoyable corporate experience. Lithuanians say - "Good steam!" – it's about good Lithuanian bath. You can find all pleasures of traditional Lithuanian bathhouse in our homestead.


Artistic smithery in Lithuania is one of the folk art branches with very deep ethnic traditions. Various metals are known to be used in Lithuania even at the second millennium. All these metalwork traditions are inherited in the works of Alvydas Valiukas. You can watch work of smith in the homestead manufactory and to find unexpected original interior and surroundings decor details made by skilful owner of this farmstead.


We can to offer few different variants of accomodation. Up to 26 people can be provided with the bed at the homestead at a time.

Old house (5 rooms) with russian bathhouse for 14 persons.

House with entertainment hall for 20 persons and a separate kitchen „Ežerynas".

Small house for two persons „Eglynas".

House - raft (afloat) for 4 persons.